Leather guideSonny

Vegetable tanned leather, what is it and why do I use it?

A distinction is usually made between chemical and natural tanning methods.
Almost all my creations are made with vegetable tanned leather.
I consciously chose to use the long-term and expensive process of vegetable tanning.

The sustainable / nature-friendly process plays an important role in this, but another reason is that many creations of Eternal designs cannot arise from a different type of leather.
No other material can be shaped and edited in such a way that the creations are getting my typical signature.

This is caused, among other things, by the different nuances and shades when painting the leather.
You cannot achieve these beautiful nuanses with other raw materials.
After chemical tanning, the leather is virtually dead and therefore no longer able to breathe.
Furthermore, due to the more gentle process of vegetable tanning, the average lifespan of the leather is considerably higher than that of chrome-tanned leather.